Wedding services



Complete planning, organizing and coordination

Complete or part organization of your wedding day and everything in relation to it, beginning with planning the wedding day, choice of place for the outdoor ritual, choice of a restaurant, choice of a church and an officiating hall, choice of flowers and a wedding theme. Preparing a budget and planning the day. Ideas and advice for the smooth flow of the day.



Handmade invitations and accessories

Individual and designer handmade invitations, glasses, guest books, money boxes, table cards, table numbers, seating board, guest presents, napkin rings, ring pillows, in line with the theme and colour of your wedding.



Wedding decoration

Decoration of an outside ritual, churches and officiating halls, the bride and groom’s table, guests tables and wedding halls in entirety. Paying attention to the smallest of details in order to achieve a complete and luxury appearance.



Floristry with natural and artificial flowers

A rich choice and ideas for arranging and decorating with natural and/or artificial flowers. Eccentric ideas, which will make even the smallest of details eye-catching.



MCs and DJs

Correct choice of a DJ and an MC is a guarantee for an amazing wedding party, which will create unforgettable memories.  The agency works with the most famous and preferred professionals in the respective fields. They will make your wedding elegant, amusing and unique.



Choice of location

Complete information and cooperation in the choice of a restaurant, outside ritual, photos location, officiating halls and churches. We will keep you informed of the prices for booking all of these, number of seats in the halls and taxes for bringing alcohol.



Musicians and performers

Depending on the type of wedding, the music always adds the special atmosphere. The agency offers you a wide variety of performers and musicians- from classical instruments, through modern and jazz groups, to an authentic Bulgarian music bands. Different artistic programs, firewalking, fire show, synchronized swimming, acrobats. If you want your wedding to be glamorous we can arrange for famous MCs, comedians and musicians.



Outside rituals, wedding ceremony

Outside rituals bring a fresh breath of air in every wedding. Beautiful nature, appropriate decorations and an inspiring scenario written exclusively for you.



Photo and video capturing

Wedding photography leaves a memory for life. That is why choosing the right professional is of vital importance. The agency offers many different options in relation to this- from ground level, drones, underwater and from air.



Make-up and hairstyle

The make-up and the hairstyle are the last pieces in the bride’s appearance, but they are of utmost importance. Every bride wants to be the prettiest on her wedding day. We will provide the best hairstylists and make-up artist that will make sure you look perfect.



Renting a wedding ride

We offer unique wedding rides- luxurious and retro wedding cars, limousines, horses and carriages.



Clothing and accessories

We work with the best wedding salons and designers that will help you with the choice of the dress and suit.



Cakes and sweets

The wedding cake must be eye-catching and tasty and our pastry chefs will take care of that. Rich choice of cakes and a top-class results. Opportunity for a personal design.



Theme and entertaining corners

Having a theme to your wedding adds something unique and makes it memorable. We will make photo corners that will leave your guests with a lasting memory, sweets bar to sweeten your future family life.



Bachelorette’s and bachelor’s parties

We will make sure you spent your last day of your single life in a memorable way.



Children entertainment

Entertainment for the smallest at the wedding by qualified professionals, clowns, magicians and games.



Settling guests at hotels

We will take care of your relatives from out of town. Settling guests at hotels, meeting and driving them so you can be carefree and calm on your special day.



Hosts and coordinators

The smooth flow of a wedding depends on the careful planning of the day, the team’s professionalism and coordination on the given day. Roles will be allocated and everyone will know their place. Our coordinators will be around you all the time, in order for you to be at ease and to be able to enjoy your special day.



Honey moon

We will offer you destinations and will plan your trip to all the details.



Pyro effects

For extra emotions, we offer you fireworks, confetti and fire volcanos.



Wedding horoscopes

If you want to know if you are a match and what type of family life lies in front of you, we offer you individually prepared horoscope from an astrologist. This will give you a memory for life.